Program and Stages

at the Fête de la Musique 2019

This year again you will find many different stages spread all over the city on the 21st of June at the Fête de la Musique - there will be something for everyone: from the little ones to the seniors and for every musical taste. The current program for the stages can soon be found on this page - enjoy browsing and of course the 21st of June at the stages.


Lawn at the Schießwall

6 - 11 pm


6 pm: Young Echoes (Indie from Berlin)

7.15 pm: Turtleneck (Hip-Hop-Reggae-Funk from Greifswald)

8.30 pm: Toffees ("Club rock" from Great Britain)

9.45 pm: Groove Dealers (Funk from Belarus)


In front of the Citylibrary

1 - 6 pm


1 pm: Aventurier (Singer-Songwriter)

2 pm: Dawna (Singer-Songwriterin)

3 pm:Tomorrow in China (Rock, Indie, Alternative)

4 pm: Saturn 63 (Jazz, Funk, Pop)

5 pm: Sparks & Ashes (Alternative, Indie, Pop)

In front of the St. Spiritus

3 - 6 pm


3 pm: Hanka (Singer - Songwriterin)

4.15 pm: Chor Solala! (A-capella-Popsongs)

5 pm: noLimHits (Rock-Pop-Satire-Choir)


At the Museumshafen(Harbour)

3 - 8 pm


3 pm: Hubert (Folk/Pop)

4 pm: Who cares (Rock/Punk)

5 pm: Jane & the rain (Alternative Rock)

6 pm: Wuhling (Indiypostpunk)

7 pm: The Pinpricks (Hardrock)

Brinkstraße 26

6 - 11 pm


6 pm: Chortippus (A capella Worldmusic Pop & Jazz)

7 pm: Special Guest  (t.b.a.)

9 pm: Brinke DJ*ane Set

Inner Courtyard of the KLEX

2.30 - 6 pm


2.30 pm: Schoolband of the Martinschule

3.15 pm: NoFidelity

4.15 pm: Bleeding Vintage

Courtyard of the Schwalbe

2 - 5 pm


2 pm: Kitas Marschak und Makarenko

3 pm: Romaric at the Keybord

3.30 pm: Armenische Schule with dance and vocals

4 pm: Performance with the Cajons (after two hours of rehearsal together with Greifmusic)

4.30 pm: Leon with guitar

In front of the Tierparkcafé

6 - 10 pm


6 pm: NoFidelity

7 pm: Eva und die Einwegflaschen

On the Fischmarkt

2 - 6 pm


2 pm: Herr Petermann

2.30 pm: Zweite Etage

3.15 pm: Kari & Friends

4 pm: Herr Petermann

5 pm: Unibigband Greifswald




from 00 am

The entrance starts at 11.30 pm and the entrance is of course free as well. 


00 am HINTERLANDGANG (Rap out of the heart of Vorpommern)

1 am Effacé

3 am Shervin Akbari / Laute Musik


In the Schuhhagen (in front of the Mühlengalerie)

2 - 5 pm

Hands- on music stand for children




At the Mainstage of the GrIstuF at the Schießwall

5 - 8 pm

Dig through piles of clothes while a band plays next door.Old but chic, to big or to small but otherwise fine, not worn anymore but totally in fiashion:All this you can bring along and, in return, dig through the clothes of others. Trying on, for good, keep or customize in our sowing area and spice it up.This wonderful clothe exchange is organized by the Kabutze.Free, donations desired.Please bring only washed and well-preserved clothes.


Lange Reihe 57

from 3.30 pm


from 3.30 pm: DJ*ane sets

Museumshafen/ Pomeria

8 - 10 pm

At the end of the evening tango music lures you to the harbor. After an hour of "music from the tin", the Tango Quintet "Freunde des vollen Mondes" invites you to listen, enjoy, watch and dance.
Rain alternative from 9pm: Ballhaus Goldfisch, Bahnhofstr. 44, 17489 Greifswald


8 pm: Tangomusic (from the tin)

9 pm: Freunde des vollen Mondes (live)